Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I promised a little surprise for today, sooooo here it is!

I've opened my first etsy shop! I design and make womens clothing :) Everything is done by me and I'm really happy with how everythings turned out! Take a peek Here!

Here's some snaps from the photo shoot with my lovely friend from over at The Vintage Heart who was so lovely and let me use her as my model :)

 Our "dressing rock" until someone came too close haha! Next to a sign that says not to go under the rocks :S

 Pretty scenery, Australia can be amazing sometimes!
 Oops :P

Heres the link to my store Essence Of Love!

Love, Honey Badger xx

PS. I'm flying to Melbourne tonight! How exciting :)

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  1. I loved everything!! Your amazing!