Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Train Your Honey Badger :P

This was my afternoon outfit for my third day in Melbourne :P The boyfriend and I went to the How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular (link here to a video that shows what that is if you dont know ) 

I guess I can say I was "slightly" overdressed (Jeans and T-shirts EVERYWHERE!) but I make no apologies, I like being that strange overdressed girl :P

I love this dress! Mixed coloured tiger print? Tick!
+ these shoes, OMG

I didn't end up needing the coat because it warmed up in the afternoon, oh well, just in case :p

Coat: Ladakh (I got this from a store on Bridge Road but I can't remember what it was!)
Dress: Gift 
Shoes: Wittners
Clutch: Forever New

Hope your all having a nice week!

Honey Badger xx

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